How to create an NFT artwork


Are you an artist interested in learning more about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? NFTs are unique digital assets that exist on the blockchain. They are indivisible, meaning they cannot be broken down into smaller parts and can only represent one asset or item at a time. This makes them ideal for representing ownership of virtual items such as artwork, music, videos, or other digital media. NFTs provide an efficient way to exchange and trade these items in a secure manner since each token is verifiable and immutable. 

NFTs are started using in the art world as an innovative way for artists, collectors, and investors to buy, sell, and exchange artworks. Furthermore, it enables artists to monetize their work by selling limited edition pieces while also providing true ownership rights over any given piece of art or collectible item. If you're an artist interested in learning more about NFTs, this blog will help you through the whole process of making an NFT artwork, from selecting your artwork to listing it on an NFT marketplace and marketing it to potential buyers. So, let's get started and learn how to make your own NFT artwork!

Step 1: Choose Your Artwork

The first step of creating an NFT artwork is to choose a digital artwork to tokenize. This could be the creation of digital art, a piece of music, a video, or any other sort of digital media that you own the rights to. Consider the piece's uniqueness, quality, and value before selecting it. NFTs gain value based on scarcity and demand, therefore the more unique and valuable your artwork, the more likely it is to attract potential buyers and collectors.

When selecting your artwork, keep the NFT's terms and conditions in mind. Decide if you wish to sell the artwork ownership or maintain certain rights, such as royalty percentages for future sales or usage. Additionally, ensure that you have the necessary intellectual property rights to the artwork and that any copyright or licensing obligations are met.

Step 2: Choose Blockchain Network

After you have decided on you artwork. You have to select the blockchain network to mint your NFT. It is essential to gain basic understanding of blockchain technology and NFTs. NFTs are digital tokens that rely on blockchain technology to provide a unique and verifiable record of digital asset ownership and authenticity. Blockchain is a decentralized and transparent digital ledger that securely and immutably records transactions.

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform for NFTs, however other networks like Polygon, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. are also widely use for NFT minting.  Ethereum is the most popular platform for NFTs. It supports a wide number of NFT standards, including the most extensively used, ERC-721 and ERC-1155.The main reason people avoid to use Ethereum is higher gas fees, means you have to have funding to deploy your artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. Each platform network have their own set advantage and disadvantages. It is very important to figure out which blockchain network is best suited for your NFTs.

Step 3: Select a Digital Wallet

Before you can mint your NFT, you must first select a digital wallet that is compatible with the blockchain platform you intend to use. Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, including NFTs, are stored in digital wallets.
On the blockchain platform of your choice, you can establish a digital wallet, such as MetaMask for Ethereum and Polygon, Binance Chain Wallet for Binance Smart Chain, or Phantam wallet for Solana. If you want to mobile wallet for your blockchain chain you can also look into Wallet Connect integration for your NFT marketplace as it provide support for all major blockchain.You'll need to fund your wallet with cryptocurrency supported by the platform you're using after you've created it. 

Step 4: Choose an NFT Marketplace


After select your digital wallet, the next step is to choose a NFT Marketplace where you can advertise your NFT for sale. An online NFT Marketplace connects artists and buyer and collectors interested in purchasing your NFTs. miniOrange NFT Marketplace is the best platform for you to sale your NFTs. miniOrange NFT marketplace offers very good user interface, convenience of use, supports various blockchain and wallet and more importantly offers fully customization according to your brand and needs. Some Popular features offer by miniOrange NFT marketplace are Lazy minting, Royalty, banding, bulk minting, etc.


miniOrange NFT marketplace is a low-cost method for minting free NFTs. On certain platforms, creators can "lazily" mint their digital assets without having to pay upfront fees, saving them the cost of using traditional minting processes. Lazy minting is a reasonable method for developers who want to make NFTs for free. By adopting approaches that enable lazy minting, creators can avoid the initial costs connected with traditional minting methods while obtaining access to the world of NFTs. With its low cost, risk-free nature, flexibility, and accessibility, lazy minting enables potential creators to promote their digital goods and participate in the growing NFT business.

Step 5: Mint and List Your NFT

Now that you have you have choose on artwork, blockchain, wallet and set-up your accout on miniOrange NFT Marketpalce, you can start the minting process. Minting is the process of creating a unique token on the blockchain network that represents your artwork. Each blockchain has its own minting process, but generally. It involve first deploying the Smart Contract for your collection and After that it involve uploading your artwork to the NFT marketplace platform, filling in metadata such as title, description and royalty percentage and paying the minting fees.

When minting your NFT, you'll need to provide a title and description for your artwork. This information will be displayed on the NFT marketplace, so it's essential to be as descriptive as possible. You should also set the royalty percentage, which is the percentage of the sale price you will receive each time your NFT is resold.

If you are a upcoming artist and just started on the world of NFT without having major funding, you can choose to mint your NFT through Lazy minting, which removes the need to pay the gas fee when you mint your NFT. Instead, the NFT will mint when someone come tobuy the NFT and he will have to pay the gas fee. It reduces the amount of risk involving the NFT for creator and artists.

Step 5: Set Your NFT Terms

Decide on the terms and conditions of your NFT, such as the royalty percentage you want to receive every time your NFT is sold or resold, the starting price for your NFT, and any other specific details you want to include.

Step 6: Promote your NFT

Finally, to attract potential customers or collectors, advertise your NFT artwork through various means such as social media, online forums, and art communities. Showcase your NFT artwork on social networking networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Share high-resolution photographs or videos of your artwork, as well as a link to your NFT listing. To enhance visibility and reach, use relevant hashtags and interact with art communities and collectors. 

Collaborate with other NFT artists, collectors, or influencers to gain more visibility. Participate in collaborative auctions, co-create NFT collections, or cross-promote each other's artworks on social media or other channels. Collaborations can help you reach out to new audiences.


In conclusion, creating an NFT artwork involves selecting your artwork, choosing a blockchain network, setting up a digital wallet, selecting an NFT marketplace, minting and listing your NFT, marketing it, and managing it after sale. The miniOrange NFT Marketplace is really good choice for selling your NFT artwork. The main is that its provide support for any customization you need for artwork, branding, etc. It's important to do your research, understand the NFT space, and carefully consider the choices you make to ensure a successful NFT artwork creation process. Good luck!